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Friday, September 2, 2011

All compartments are full !

Some people have the ability to compartmentalize various aspects of their lives. I can do that pretty well during my waking hours. When it is time for me to be horizontal, my ability to set aside the items that trouble me goes way down.

Work is going great, but I have a load of personal situations that are causing me grief. I visited my son in Kodiak Alaska and that was an absolute explosion of emotions both good and bad. My mother in law has some things complicating her life that trouble Hottie and I deeply. My sweet mother had been helping a neighbor who was struggling following an accident. The neighbor got a bad report from her doctor on Wednesday and shot herself that evening. My mom found her the next day. Not that I can top that, but my time in Kodiak put a unique strain on my back and I’ve been sidelined all week and Cyclocross season gets underway in two weeks. I have put off several projects around the house and my neglect has caused them to go from the back burner to flashing red lights.

Yeah, we’ll make it through, but there is a lot of hard stuff between now and then. As I look down the intimidating road ahead I am so grateful for Hottie in my life and her patience with me. When Hottie agreed to marry me, I knew I was getting the sweet end of that deal.

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