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Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Rides Reports

Despite the 39 degree temps, peeling down was in order

The plan was to ride a little under 200 miles in January and do weights, core, and yoga. I've got 373 miles and good core and weights, but no yoga. My core is stronger and that is paying dividends every day. On Saturday the plan was to get some easy miles in with some riders from the Y. One thing led to another and it was a throwdown and I was all in. I needed to get home early, so when the we stopped to regroup after the big climb, I asked directions to get back to town and I took off solo.

I felt good in the drops and drilled it back to the car. When my core is strong and I feel loose, it feels like my top tube gets shorter and I settle down in the drops, slide back on my saddle and flip a switch that turns on the power.

A visit from Kyson and company is worth rushing home for...

After hammering yesterday, I was up for an easy spin today. One of my teammates sent out an email last night looking for any takers for a slower than usual pace. He didn't want to be alone if/when he dropped off the pace. Eight of us took off this cold morning, and one thing led to another and Hank and I found ourselves wheel to wheel charging up the hill. I was the lead out man for the official "unofficial" east side sprint and when Scott and Hank came around me, all I could do was watch.

On the return we stayed together, but the pace steadily ratcheted up and when we hit the last hill on Mercer it was on for one last time. Big John took off. Tim, Matthew, and Hank all gave chase and I jumped on too. With unexplained ease, I moved past the three attackers and tried to catch John's wheel. I couldn't close the gap, but I held it up the hill. I looked back to see the three other attackers had all realized catching John was impossible and had sat up. I could feel my legs burning all over. Hamstrings, quads, and calves were all screaming. I somehow took this as a good sign.

The rest of the ride was friendly and we stopped for coffee afterwards.

Smile, we're done !
After cleaning me, my clothes and the bike (in that order) I donned every piece of compression clothing I own and made lunch for Hottie and myself. For your information; I am such a believer in compression clothing, I expect I will be wearing compression Depends one day.

While watching the Winter X-games I heard 2010 was the year of the double cork. I don't have a name for 2011 yet, but I'll keep an open mind and see what happens.


bikelovejones said...

Compression Depends??!!

I don't know whether to laugh or just go, "Eeeww..."


EvoDavo said...

I thought that was a noteworthy quote.