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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mr. Stuff

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but just try and stop me posting pictures of Kyson..

Tonight I was taking out the trash and I looked up through a break in the clouds at a beautiful full moon smiling down on me. Seeing the moon through the pine needles, made me harken back to the days when my Sierra Club membership was still active. As I was thinking about the world around me I realized I was wrestling a trash can sized can full of trash and a recycle bin sized bin also packed to the top with cardboard and cans. No doubt we get some Karma points for having a recycle bin bigger than our trash can, yet the volume of stuff that I was dragging out is unsettling. Our bins are pretty full every week, so this was really no different than any other week. The amount of stuff that comes into our home is scary. To think that when we take all that stuff out, the stuff that is then left over fills these cans.

I go back and forth between admiring entities that are exceptionally adept at separating people from their money, and despising them for doing so. Who needs $200 jeans? Nobody.

Sorry for the excess seriousness. I promise I will now return to my usual ride reports and equipment reviews.

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