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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Review Black Diamond Rock Bottoms

While I might give you the shirt off my back, I'm keeping these pants

I bought a pair of climbing pants back in the last millennium. They were supposed to be tough. I did in fact wear them climbing, I also wore them causally around the house. They are super comfortable. They are great for dog walking in cooler weather and anytime I want something more comfy than jeans. They became my after work pants several evenings each week. I did the math the other day and I estimate I have worn them over 1,500 times. I recently found them online and it says they are made of Nylon with a small percentage of Spandex. I had a pair of North Face pants made of Nylon that just sucked. Those quickly became painting pants.

These are the real deal. I rarely pay retail and I have no idea what I paid for these. Whatever it was, it was worth it. They dry fast, still look okay, keep their shape and don't seem to stain. Five of five for these.

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