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Monday, March 22, 2010

DeFeet Kneekers and Hincapie knee warmers Review

I’ll tell you what I like about both and why.

DeFeet Kneekers
I love these. They are very reasonably priced, which is very important. They are black and a mix of cool max and who knows what. I believe they also make ones that are wool (or a wool blend) and I am sure they are absolute wonderfulness as well. The Kneekers are knit and that helps them breath very well. There is a lighter open weave in the back and a denser weave up front where you can use some wind protection. They have an amazing temperature range and stuff fairly well. They are okay for moderate rain, but the open weave holds water and holds mud such that I would never consider wearing these for a ‘cross race. They can be worn low, almost like leg warmers, or high like the knee warmers they are. They are extremely comfy on the skin and my legs have never felt clammy or sweaty in these. While a warming day sometimes beckons you to remove a piece of clothing by getting uncomfortable, these have never raised a voice of protest. Because they are knit there is a bit of a three dimensional aspect to these so they don’t stuff as tiny as a Lycra model. One last bit of trivia. I have some leg warmers that are slippery lycra and the hem of my bibs sometimes slides up because the fabric is so smooth (and the elastic on my bibs is so old). These Kneekers have enough texture that I get no ride up of my bibs with these. This is a great performing product, and at the price a must have.

Hincapie Roubaix Knee warmers
I love these as well. I bought them off eBay so they weren’t too expensive in this instance. Sadly I had to modify them right out of the gate because the calf elastic was too loose. I will point out that I am not some pencil legged rider who has to look to the ends of the earth to find clothing that fits. My legs curve in all the right places and within range of all the right amounts. The rest of the knee warmer fit me just swell. The fabric is nice and these are great if it is raining or likely to do so. They don’t hold water and have a reasonable temperature range. They stay up which some don’t. In my mind, any knee, leg or arm warmers that don’t stay up are giveaway items no matter how much they cost or what logos are on them. I get a little bib creep with the smooth fabric, but that is acceptable. The elastic at the top and bottom is high quality and they are well constructed. When I did the Solvang double I wore these the whole day and they held up their end of the bargain. They roll up and stash well. When it is cool and especially if it is likely to be wet, these can make the difference between comfort and misery.

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