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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Longest Ride so far, Shortest Ride so far

Hottie in the saddle last summer

Before I get rolling on this subject; please indulge me. I used to take great umbrage when MSWord or the like would correct words I didn’t want corrected as I typed them. Now when my fingers say wehn i tpye thansk it comes out when I type thanks and I’m okay with that. In fact, when I type something close and it doesn’t correct it, I am torn between thinking my spelling program is stupid, and outright frustration that it didn’t correct the spelling. I end up thinking, “I’ve actually got to hit backspace and retype it?” The origins of laziness are born.

This weekend I got up early (DST and all) and rode down for the team ride on Sunday. I rode with the lads and then a mile from hot coffee I turned right and rode home. It was just over 62 miles (100k for my European followers). It didn’t even faze me. I could have gone another fifty and not flinched. I didn’t even realize it was my longest ride until today. After I got home and cleaned up, Hottie had her 2010 debut on the road two months and two days since her surgery. We went for a short ride on the Burke Gilman trail and she did great. I checked and the ride with her was my shortest ride of the year as well. I sincerely enjoyed them both. I think the latter was more fun because I got to kiss the person I rode with.

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