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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

But weight, there’s more !

Flex !

Don’t worry, I’m not selling knives or vegetable choppers. As a matter of fact I did mean to say weight. I began my weight program today so I thought I would type this before losing the use of my arms. I took the specific exercises from Coach Joe’s book. I did squats today. Up until this day all the squats I had done had been on backpacking trips. All the other exercises were already in the Evo memory bank. Bench press, leg press, calf raises, seated row, and many more. As I walked down the stairs from the weight area to the shower I could feel my legs and upper body. It wasn’t a hot burning, but a warm feeling that told me blood was pumping and muscles will be feeling their age in no time.

We all get so comfortable doing what we do that we seldom venture beyond our comfort zones. This can range from my dear Mum staying in the same room in the same hotel when she makes her annual snow bird transitions, to riding the same routes at the same pace week after week. I recall back in 1993 I had hit a plateau in my running and was as stale as a Seven Eleven donut. I read an article about Frank Shorter and some training revelations he had as a masters runner. I began including speed work in my running routines and I get faster and dropped weight. I think my cycling has been in the same category and I am hoping the weight work and some of the other things will show benefits.

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