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Friday, October 28, 2016

Wet Willy

If you decided to stalk me you would soon find that most Wednesdays I commute by bike. When that doesn’t happen, there are usually good reasons. I might ride Tuesday or Thursday to adjust my schedule to accommodate social events, weather or near term training/racing objectives. At times I ride both Tuesday and Thursday if I am loading up on miles. I may also miss a Wednesday because the roads are icy and I’ve finally learned. Or I might skip it because I am sick or tired but that doesn’t happen often. 

Until this week I had been able to flex my bike commute a day or so to avoid the rain.  My schedule and the weather limited my options this week and I just squared my shoulders, put on a rain jacket and said, “Bring it.”  It was wet, I had to be careful of the wet pavement in spots, and my toes were starting to get cold at the end but it wasn’t bad. My headlight lit up the rain drops in the darkness. 
Fools all
Upon arrival at the office I had to take extra care staging my shoes, gloves and leg warmers so they would be less wet for the ride home. Not convenient, but not exactly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. 

There is a quote that I have shared previously that the only thing that is warm when wet is a hot tub. Riding in the rain isn’t misery, but it ain’t a hot tub.  

My short sleeve jerseys have been stuffed to the back of the drawer and my tan lines are fading fast. My shoe covers are emerging from behind my cycling shoes and selecting gloves for a given ride takes on increased importance.  

It would be an oversimplification to say riding in winter is different.  It is more complex and the price of mistakes is greater so the riding is by default more deliberate.  These rides that require attention and caution bring on introspection.  The carefree rides of summer seem distant if not mythical.

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