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Monday, October 10, 2016

Cut me

After all the nostalgia about fall riding, it isn’t until that first icy rivulet gets past your collar and runs down the back of your neck that the reality of winter training hits home.  Despite all of the miracle fabrics that one drop of water cuts to your core and sends a shiver down your spine.

Hard efforts, even in cold weather, generate a lot of heat.  Sweating and being cold are both unpleasant sensations. When they are happening concurrently it is even more so. Cold and clammy is a seasonally appropriate, though undesired, condition.
 Hottie took this one......
It has been months since I’ve had cold fingers or cold feet. My riding laundry has been cantaloupe-sized and now it is as big as a turkey.  My assortment of full finger gloves has been on the sidelines awaiting the call to duty. 

On the ride I added and shed layers based on ride duration, sky cover and ascent or descent.  It felt weird to have to be so deliberate. Reach the top of a climb, even though I’m warm, before I head down I put on more clothes and zip up.If I wait until I'm cold I'm screwed.
I recall how in the spring my shoes look strange after being hidden under booties for so long. Now my booties look unfamiliar.

When I finished my ride I took a quick moment to lube my chain before going in.  I cooled down so quickly that by the time I went inside I was starting to shake. I stood in the shower longer than I have for a long time. 

Summertime is over.

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