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Monday, October 3, 2016

Coffee and Lies # 197 The season of falling leaves

Now in the afterglow of a summer blessed with life giving rains the once vibrant green is finally giving way to gold.  Bright reds and yellows boldly contrast the blue sky.  Chilly sunrises cast long shadows that resist the warmth of the morning sunlight.  The rains of fall are yet distant; the golden leaves tumble and roll in the wind.

Just as winter grew weary, ultimately yielding to the eagerness of a youthful spring now the summer sun is tired and retreats earlier each day. The cool air clings in the shadows, reminding us the carefree days of summer are waning.

There is a freshness to the cool breezes, now it is the afternoon sun that feels stale and weak. The coming winter can no longer hide it’s rejuvenated, impending power.

Man and beast hasten to prepare for the coming snows.  Some look ahead with dread or fear, others with anticipation. The bold colors of the trees proudly signals the change in seasons.  Like a flash of lightning this vibrancy will disappear as quickly as it began.  

Summer is long. Winter is long. Their birth and death are dramatic and inevitable. Both are miracles in their own right. To think that winter is the absence of summer or that the opposite is true is to diminish the beauty of the balance of nature. 

The gift we enjoy is to witness this yearly cycle and try to reflect it into our own lives.  Rebirth, rejuvenation, reflection, rest as well as forgiveness, service, love and appreciation for all that is and is not around us.

Time to make waffles.

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