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Friday, May 6, 2016

That was then but now it is now

As discussed previously in this forum we all tend to rank, or totem when we have multiples of certain things like clothes and accessories.  By the way, I realize that when I said “discuss” in the previous sentence that I am in fact the only one doing the “discussing.”  If you have a different viewpoint then get your own blog.

It hit me a bit out of left field when El Jefe’ mentioned that he had picked up a new pair of short fingered cycling gloves because the padding on his old ones had worn out.  I looked down at my grey and black Giro gloves and with a knuckle poking out where a seam had finally given up and noting the loss of adherence from the aged Velcro I suddenly realized my gloves may have also had their day long, long ago.

I had to admit that my gloves, like my body, are well past their peak and the incline of the decline is increasing.  Just because something was awesome back in the day doesn’t mean it is still that day.  I looked at my gloves with a critical eye and for the first time the holes and torn stitching stood out.  My trusty old gloves looked more like just old gloves.

The same thing happens when you pull off a pair of your favorite socks only to see there is a huge hole in the heel.  “How did that happen?” you wonder out loud.  Father time remains undefeated.
 Comfort, Safety and Performance are all good reasons to replace old gear.  You may have had a great experience with a piece of gear in the past often time has taken its toll and you didn’t even notice.  When a piece of equipment can no longer do the job maybe it is time for retirement. Sometimes if you love something you have to set it free.

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