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Saturday, February 1, 2014

SealLine ECase 9 Review

 Good looking and durable ?  Awesome !
Aside from when we are racing, we almost always carry a cell phone.  Those phones have increased in value from essentially free to more than I’ve paid for drivable cars in my long and storied life.  Moisture from rain or sweat can damage those phones all year long. Ziplocks and baggies aren’t just tacky, they have severe limitations.

The SealLine electronics E-Case is the perfect solution.  You can go swimming with it and your phone will stay dry.  You can swipe or push a button to answer the phone with the phone in the case.  How many times have you or a riding companion worked frantically to fish a ringing phone out of a pocket then struggled to pull off a glove or untangle a ziplock to answer before a call goes to voice mail.   If you are like me, you won’t miss skipping that fire drill.
If you need to send a text, you’ll want to remove the phone from the case but that is an activity best done with two feet on the ground anyway.  The case isn’t promoted as providing any shock protection, but it is stouter than a ziplock and does afford some security.
Working the buttons, including swipe functions with the phone in the case !
It is well built and durability is excellent.

Without sounding too much like a beer commercial; I don’t always carry my phone, but when I do I carry it in this SealLine Electronics ECase.

Five of five Evos. It can NOT be improved on.

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