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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Le Tour de Lopez 2013

Hottie and I do this trip every year.  It is always a great ride.
After a quick drive to Anacortes, we hop on the ferry and the trip begins !
Bikes tied in place..
Oh, and did I mention it was a perfect day ?
Oh yeah..
Hottie rolling along.  She wear arm coolers to keep the sun off her arms.
After going along the coast, we turn inland.
There is quite a bit of agriculture on the island.   Crops and cattle abound, but the smells are all good !
Back toward the ferry..
Driftwood is the media of beach sculptures.
With the 4th of July coming this week, the island shows some spirit !
Is this cool or what ?
I picked up a small daypack that folds into nothing (as seen here) while in France last year. I brought this along so when we were on the ferry I could carry gloves, food, camera, phone etc. in something other than bulging jersey pockets. When it was time to ride I carried the stuff in my jersey and it all worked out swell.

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