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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Apple Butter time at Casa de Evo

We have a Transparent Apple Tree in our backyard.  Just to be clear, the tree is not transparent, it is a tree that grow a variety of apples known as transparent apples.
First we wash them in the sink.
Then I use this awesome tool Hottie got from Williams Sonoma.
Then you chop them up and put them in a big pot with a tiny bit of water and turn on the heat.
After a while it gets gooey.
Then you wail on it with a potato masher.  You now have applesauce.  Lots of applesauce.
It then goes into the crockpot.
See it even says, "Crock~Pot"  
After cooking all night you get up and the goo is dark and thick.  It is now apple butter.  Put it into sterile jars and you have jars of apple butter.   

A full shopping bag of apples turns into eight quarts of cut up apples in a pot which turns into four quarts of applesauce which becomes two quarts of apple butter.

After moving into our house the tree did nothing until 2008 when we had a monster crop of apples. Then little or nothing until 2013 and here we are.  The transparent apple is also known as "The June Apple" as it drops in late June and early July.  If you ask me I would call it the five year apple.  As I recall you didn't ask me.


bikelovejones said...

By "sterile" jars do you mean canning jars? And how long will the butter keep in them?
We put up tomatoes already and are learning how to put up other things through the winter too. Apple butter is a GREAT idea.

EvoDavo said...

By "sterile" I mean out of the dishwasher.. Since I put in the Apple Butter when it is molten lava it both seals the jar as it cools and the initial heat kills any bad stuff. We have had the stuff Keep for a year in a cupboard then another six months in the fridge.
Mix it with BBQ sauce (for tofu) for a real surprise.

EvoDavo said...

To clarify on the jars...
Any jam/jelly salsa jar that goes "pop" when you open it. Peanut butter jars are no good. Canning jars are great and can be found (out of season) at thrift stores for cheap !