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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hope is all we've got

"My name is hope; luck just ran out.."

- Carbon Leaf

These are the dark days of winter. The holidays are past and we only have spring to look forward to. When my alarm goes off it is dark. When I leave the house on my bike it is dark. When I get to work it is still as dark as midnight. I shower and dress and when it get to my desk there are hints of light outside. When I leave work to ride home it is again as dark as Ricky Gervais' humor.

Question: When is it warm and still below freezing?

Answer: When it is freezing, but still five degrees C warmer (nine degrees F) than it was two days ago!

I am in fact glad it is cold because when it is this cold it doesn't rain. Trading the wet for the cold only means a different jacket in the morning commute. Even long base miles involve some pain as the cold cuts through your layers.

Paying bills and bringing home work from the office doesn't do much to bring sunshine into my world.

Yesterday I was wondering if it would ever be warm and sunny again. As a diversion I started entering the sunrise and set times for each week from a website to get an idea how much longer I could get along sans sunscreen. As I began entering sunrise times that were earlier and sunset times that were later, I began to cheer up.

If I had to live like this all year I would no doubt enlist the help of alcohol to help lighten my mood. Alas, I shall rely on my old friend hope. While I do know it will be warm and sunny come July, I am like the starving man who is promised food at a later date; I am still hungry.

My hope is that sunshine and warmth come soon.


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