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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Coffee and Lies #3

With the temperature at -5 (Celsius of course, that's 23F for the luddites and laggards), there was no fooling around this day!  The Belgian Thugs were LOOKING for trouble

Our team has a tradition of celebrating Kevin's birthday by doing a ride that coincides with his age. Last year we rode 56 miles in the rain as the temperatures hovered in the upper thirties.  It was miserable. Kevin led us in France last summer when we made the pledge to go all metric all the time. The plan was to do 57k if it was raining, 57 miles if it was dry. Since we have trouble going slow as a group, when it became clear our day would start and end below freezing, we opted for 57 minutes of cyclocross practice in a nearby park. 
The morning was cold and we were layered up.  
Despite riding laps and laps, we never stopped to shed layers.
We had ELEVEN of the usual suspects turn out.  Note the goalkeeper gloves!
Kevin had sent an email last week asking for RSVP's and shoe size so he would know how many cupcakes to order. I'm not explaining his logic, I'm just telling you what the email said.

On Saturday he sent out the update containing the change in plans due to the freezing temperatures. He said we would ride laps for 57 minutes and then share, "Coffee and Lies."  This phrase was almost as memorable as his musing: "what part of that is the downhill?" 

Since this was the third team ride of 2013, I'm dubbing my weekly ride reports "Coffee and Lies" and the number corresponds to the rides starting this year.  

Kevin appeared and handed out party favors. The party favors were brown Smartwool Phd. socks and everyone smiled and gladly accepted the kind offerings from the birthday boy.
 We gathered at FUEL Coffee, one of our team's sponsors.  
If this reminds you of "The Last Supper" then either Tim or Matthew must be Jesus !
We discussed the CX National Championship races scheduled for later in the day.  Local hero Zach McDonald would take second in the ELITEs as Jonathan Page earned his redemption with a fourth Men's Elite National Champion Jersey.  A sincere congratulations to Mr. Page as his leap of faith was rewarded. Way to go Jonathan!

Our weekly rides are typically polite, but usually include a throw down or two; the agenda this day was an exception.  Not wanting to risk a crash on icy roads, and willing to take a moment to honor one of our own, this day we welcomed the completely social respite from the typically hard workout.

Joe Friel says we should have a plan. When the roads are icy, or when you get a better offer, that is when you should feel free to change the plan.  That is the lesson for Coffee and Lies #3.

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