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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wring out the (c)old..

After what seemed like weeks of darkness and rain, Hottie and I enjoyed a beautiful ride today.
After a bit of a break with "Chismus," grandkids, ham and the like, I've done a bit of riding to close out 2012.
Despite the chilly temps we were out Sunday.  Nothing says "skip the stripe," like fenders.  Nothing says "I'm considerate" like buddy flaps on those fenders..
The clouds hide the tall buildings of Bellevue, giving the horizon the appearance that we are looking at an island in the great lakes.  We did the usual loop, stopping only to check the mail a couple times. 
Coffee and baked goods helped get us back to operating temperatures....
Today Hottie and I snuck out for an end of year ride to celebrate the sun break !!  Tux needed a quick trip to the vet for some paw repair first thing this morning, otherwise it was a quiet day.
That is Mt. Baker in the background.  
Water, snow capped peaks, colds, and a ferry.  This is Washington in winter !
Because the rules tell us we are tough, I took this shot with my camera in "Rapha" mode- so those reading this might think the ride epic.

Speaking of epic; here are my numbers for 2012.  324 workouts.  8,604 kilometers of riding.  Just under a hundred thousand meters of climbing.  Don't ask what the picture above is, it was the best image I could find with 8,604 in it..

Let's all have a great 2013.

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