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Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012 Cyclocross end of season maintenance

The famous Velo Jaune. Just looking at it makes my quads hurt...

One short week after my last race of the year I fulfilled my promise and over a few evenings I performed my end of season maintenance. After a deep cleaning I pulled my seat post and set it aside to allow the interior of the frame to dry completely.

I pulled the crankset and checked inside the BB; water. Water sitting on grease isn't too bad. I wiped it out and using the proper tool I injected grease into the Chris King BB. Out oozed some black (but not rusty brown) grease. Out came the torque wrench and I put the cranks back on.

Pull the stem and fork and check the headset. Water sitting placidly on grease. I'm okay with that. I let it all dry and reassembled it with some fresh grease the next evening.

I then lubed the pedals and rear derailleur. A thick coat of Dumonde on the chain that I left on until next summer.

I was able to put away the orange machine with clear conscience.

Road racing in 2013? It could happen..

I've been riding in the rain and it sure is easy to clean off a bike when it is just water and grime. You don't need a spoon and toothbrush, just a hose and a rag and some lube. We rode in the rain today; it was no big deal.

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