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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Cool Blog

Just another day in Syria..
If the truth is told, I actually only follow about three blogs. I enjoy the writings of two Oregon women who write of things bike, and things not bike. Their sites are listed on this blog under the heading, "My Blog List."

Every now and then I come across a new blog that provides entertainment. One such blog is Transit Interface. It speaks of all things young, strong and foolish. Just to be clear; when I say foolish, I say it with respect. To be old is to have your courage replaced with wisdom. I envy that youthful foolishness. I don't envy it enough to do something that will put me into the doctors office (age is doing a fine job of that), but I sincerely admire that energy.
Tux at the 2010 TOC
A good blog is honest, entertaining, has pictures, and is updated at least once a week. I haven't been meeting these criteria, but I am recommitting. While I am nothing without a goal, once I commit, it is pretty much a done deal.

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