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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Midwest in March

Putting the Duh in Dubuque...
I had a meeting in Platteville, Wisconsin this week and the trip was pleasant. I flew into Dubuque and was unsure of exactly how Dubuque would rank on "cool." My route took me through Chicago's O'Hare airport (Orchard Field or ORD to the flying veterans). Before boarding the delayed flight the gate attendant came on the loud speaker at O'Hare and offered a $300 travel voucher and a night in a Chicago hotel if anyone was willing to be bumped and fly out the next morning.

Nobody in the gate area showed any interest. After a couple minutes she offered $350. This process repeated itself until she was offering $500. Still nobody moved. At this point I figured Dubuque must be something special.

We arrived in Dubuque and after a short sleep, I got up and ran three miles in the early morning twilight. After showering and checking out we hit the road. The short drive to Platteville was pleasant as it was sunny and the temperature would eventually hit 66 degrees.
Meetings went well and soon it was back to the Dubuque airport where I snapped the pic at the top of the post.

The flight home was fine as well. This is what greeted me at the parking lot at the airport.

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