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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pearl Izumi Full Finger Gel Gloves Final Review

So long old friends..
These may be about the oldest full finger gloves I have. They have been my go-to gloves forever. See my previous review here. They have been mountain biking, cyclocross racing, and semi-cold weather gloves that I have never regretted wearing.

A keen eye will see where I have patched them to keep them going. I didn't like the gloves these evolved into, so I never bought a pair and I just kept stitching them where they split.

I wore them on more than a few home construction projects. When I undertook the epic wall removal, I turned to the faithful PI gloves.
I'm pointing to where an errant nail tried to cut me and was thwarted by the glove
The project proved almost too much for me, and marked the end of the road for these gloves.

I have been trying to think of an appropriate memorial to these gloves. I don't think I would be honoring them if I just tossed them in the trash. I haven't checked out the latest offerings from Pearl Izumi, but I will. These gloves have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

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bikelovejones said...

Send them back to PI with a full review.
They might send you a replacement pair...