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Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Surprise

With our nest empty, Hottie and I had discussed taking out a wall that divides our master bedroom from the bedroom next to us. Hottie had a photo trip to Africa on the horizon, so Evo contemplated a clever plot.

After dropping off Hottie at the airport, Tux and I set to work...
This is looking down the hallway. Our bedroom on the right, underused bedroom on the left
This is the view in our master. Tux is guarding the bed
This is the underused bedroom. Note the non-functioning intercom system. Let's all say "Brady Bunch" together, shall we?
At first I did some checking just in case there was something unexpected in the wall..
Let the demolition begin !
Okay... no surprises yet. If this doesn't work, I will have some explaining to do...
I had everything covered to keep it clean. Time would tell if it worked..
Tux got comfortable with his changing surroundings
A new view. This had better work...
Between 48 year old rockwool in the attic and flying drywall dust, I was anxious to keep the crap out of my lungs. Can you guess which one is the new one and which one I used today ?
Tux was unfazed. See him on the bed? Reciprocating saw cutting beams; no problem. Sledge hammer knocking out posts; not an issue. "I'll be here sleeping, just keep the dust down," was his unspoken message to me...
New doorway goes.... here !
We'll start with new beams here
Like this. The first of four
Here we are..
Oh yes, it got messy..
After holding my breath I removed what was left of the walls. No shifting, no surprises, wonderfully according to plan..
Then Tux and I cleaned up. The sheet on the bed is so Tux doesn't get fur on our blankets, etc..
Add drywall
Tape and mud...
Sand, mud, sand, mud, sand, mud
mud, sand, mud, sand, texture, clean, clean, clean, clean, clean...
The notes on the wall were my daily goals on the project
Move the bed into the middle of the room (for the time being)..
Wrap it..
She liked it !!
Hottie looks pretty good considering she has been home five minutes after spending twenty seven hours on planes.


bikelovejones said...

Wow! Amazing rennovation there!

Are you available? We have a house that needs some love and we're simply not equipped. You could even bring Tux (though we'd have to get him a hotel room so he doesn't mistake our cats for hors d'oeuvres...)

Whaddya say?


Davo said...

When I finished I wondered how much it would take for me to do such a task for money. The answer was way more than I'm worth..

I am still trying to get feeling back in my hands. I look at the pictures and wonder how I got up the nerve to undertake such a task. I should know better.