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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bike Commuting update

Why Bike commute even when the weather turns cold ?
You get to ride through a lot of leaves. That is pretty cool..
In the photo above, you see there is a bike lane. There are a few stretches that have bike lanes.
Of course a bike lane isn't a real bike lane unless you see this sign:
I used to get upset with bike lanes that seemed to start and end almost at random. I'm not a "Gamer," but I did hear a report on NPR when a new version of "Portal" came out.
It seems Portal is a game where you find doors or "Portals" from one scene to another. Now on my commute I just pretend I'm playing Portal and when the bike lane ends, I just think of it as a window into a new world that doesn't have bike lanes.

I do try to be a good bike citizen. Speaking of bike citizenship, Hottie and I attended a Bike Alliance fundraiser and helped the cause. It does kind of make me wonder why, when bikers make a statement in public, instead of saying something like, "We're bikers and we're just like you," we send a message more like, "We're bikers and we're gonna ride naked with funky body paint like the weed smoking punks you would CHOOSE to run over if you could."
One consolation is that when you ride in cold weather you get to do TONS of laundry..
For an added bonus, I hang most of my washed bike clothing to dry. This means the hallway around the laundry zone is kind of an obstacle course that must be negotiated with limbo-like moves or you get a piece (albeit a clean piece) of bike laundry on you.

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