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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dry and Tough

We had a fine Thanksgiving at the Casa de Evo. One of the highlights of the day came when I cooked some squash, Acorn and Butternut for anyone keeping score, on the barbecue. There was some sugar involved, and sugar crystalizes with extreme heat, so some of the squash looked more "done" than other ones.

My dear mum always volunteers to take the burned one when given a choice. For some reason this time it hit me funny, and I questioned her on this odd sounding preference.

"Dry and Tough," she offered. "That's how I like 'em."

Dry and tough. Those aren't usually word used in marketing food. We all questioned my mom and she didn't back off.

Some of the questions from my childhood were answered at that moment.

What drives a person to splash around in mud when the days are short and the suffering is long? I guess the motivation to do things the hard way starts at an early age. How can one adapt to challenges even as a child?

Dry and Tough.

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