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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I was able to name that sport in one note !

Today was the usual Sunday morning ride with the team. With Cyclocross only weeks away, these rides will soon take a hiatus until the season is over. I arrived at the start unusually early today and thought I would ride over to Tim's place and then ride back with him. I was headed for his street and was passing the alley that his place backs to. I heard a "click" and knew in an instant it was Tim clipping in. I spun around and there was Tim rolling out of the alley onto the street.
This woman kind of looks like my mom in 1953
The ride had twelve riders which is more than normal, but we have had more. The ride was also super fast, which is predictable considering the time of year. Wick, Brad and Tim made sure the pace was toxic to all but the fittest. What was unusual was that all twelve of us made it all the way to the steep hill together. We averaged over 25 mph for this section and the route was rolling to hilly, and if we slowed to 24 mph, then Tim or Wick would jump back to front to keep the burners on high.

I made the final selection after the hill and survived the false flat that has claims riders every week. I held on for a couple more minutes and then gave up the ghost. I latched onto the second group a minute or two later. Brad was leading that group and that fact says it all. I held on and didn't even think about sprinting at the line. The remains of our group came across "the line" a little later and to say they looked haggard is being kind.

The return was more sociable and everyone was impressed we had hung together for so long while going so fast. Everyone was cooked from ripping on Mercer and we were glad to behave like gentlemen the rest of the way back.

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