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Friday, August 19, 2011

If you can't do the math, my girlfriend can

In 2011, Hottie and I have had a couple of interesting comments from people we know regarding our relationship. I am assuming it is just a coincidence but they both came at our local YMCA where we work out.
For those of you who imagine the YMCA as a gross place akin to your middle school gymnasium with the smell of mildew, you are so wrong. The Y here is Shoreline is clean, well equipped and staffed by energetic individuals who offer kind words at insanely early morning hours. While I am a fan, and I might break out in song about the "Y" I am not about to dress up AND sing like others have done..
Remember how shocked you were when you found out the Village People weren't straight ?
Looking at the picture now, I can see how easily we were confused....

Anyway the first comment was a couple months ago when the woman who works at the front desk told me my "Girlfriend" had said something funny when she left the gym a few minutes before me. I guess that since Hottie's last name is different than mine, she figured we were not married.
Oh well, maybe I'll grow a mustache and go for the total look..
Sleezy, yet cool in a kind of Zabriskie kind of way
Then today one of the instructors was talking with Hottie before spin class and made the correct assumption that I had been married before Hottie because he had seen photos of our grandson and looking at Hottie he said, "I can do the math."

So now I'm a cradle robber.
If money can't buy you love, why is he smiling?

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