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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Road to Hell

The Road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but I have no doubt the bike lane is full of glass and all kinds of crap.
I feel almost unworthy to complain about commuter bike lanes when I only commute a day or two a week. I do, however, feel I am exceedingly qualified to complain, so here I go.

One minute I love the urban planners who laid out the bike lanes. The next minute as the lane disappears, I wonder if the planners thought I could just fly now that the lane is gone and the road has narrowed. I am wondering how bold I should be in challenging a dump truck for the single lane. I yield. Then a couple minutes later I again have space and I can think about how much I love my fellow beings.

My bliss doesn't last long as I realize the bike lane is full of glass, gravel and last winter's rock salt. I also see bolts, trash and parts of cars. Not only did the county clean only the part of the road where the cars drive and not clean where the bikes go, but it APPEARS the crap from the auto lane has been swept INTO the bike lane.
I find myself recalling riding in Davis, California where they treat bikers like their lives depend on it. It was spooky how nice they were. Maybe the adrenalin will get me in the mood for Cyclocross season...

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