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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mountain biking is also pretty fun

A real "Sound of Music moment" (above Pipestone Canyon)

Hottie and I took some time in our favorite spot of Winthrop, Washington. We mixed road and mountain biking with eating and napping. My mum hung with Tux back at Bridge house and the break was wonderful.
Hottie sporting the summer colors on the backroads of Okanogan county

This was the first time Hottie was allowed to get on her mountain bike since her horrific surgery back in January 2010. She is so much stronger than she has been in years. I was reminded how scary fast she likes to go on downhills. I asked her to slow down and she ignored me.
Try and keep up, Evo...
After climbing to the top on the fire road, we now get to fly down the trail!

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