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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saddle up. It's 2010

Now that I realize Jonathan Page checks my blog every day just before eating his Nutella slathered Waffle breakfast, I feel driven to maintain a more flowing dialogue in 2010.

Like an addict that must be compelled to admit he has a problem, I feel I must step up to the front of the room and tell you all, that although I don’t have anything against him, I’m not actually a friend of Bill W’s. I will, however, also say that my name is Evo and while I could continue ride on a Fizik Arione if I had to, I just don’t want to. Thus I find myself re-entering the scary world of saddle hunters. My spin instructor swears by his Selle An-Atomica, but I’m not ready to drink that Kool Aid yet. 500 plus grams is staggering for a saddle no matter how comfortable it may be, and from what I have read, like every other saddle, it works for some and not for others. In 2009 I went with the tide of popular opinion and tried the Fizik Arione. I tried and tried, and for a while even convinced myself it was okay, but for me, in fact, it is not. The saddle is so unique that I am amazed it has the fan base that it does. Maybe everyone else is as susceptible to the marketing hype as I was. In the final analysis it was very much like riding on the top tube.

I was looking at my riding companions last Sunday (we had a dozen brave souls do the Mercer loop this past weekend) and the saddles were as different as the people that went on them. I am listening to my friends and begin my journey with an open mind and fresh cheeks.

I will keep you updated on my hunt.

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