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Friday, January 15, 2010

The long and winding road

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Hottie is back home and I'm not going to expose her private life to the slings and arrows of my readers. I'll just say she had some major surgery and will spend ALL of 2010 recovering. I am so relieved she is back and on the road to recovery. We all hear the words, weigh the odds and make the decisions. When you see the magnitude of the challenges those decisions bring to pass it stops you. It forces us to put on our brave face and go through the motions until we get our feeling back. Sometimes you are forced to be in a world that is so far out of your comfort zone you almost feel as though you are bluffing your way along. When I drove in England (on the wrong side of the road) I did okay. But when I finally finished my business trip and returned my car to the rental lot at Heathrow Airport I had such a sense of relief when I turned off the engine. I realized that I had been doing a challenging thing, that could have gone horribly wrong, and I was so relieved it was done.

That is where we are now. As I write this Hottie and Lily are sleeping. There is peace in the Evo Compound tonight.

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