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Friday, April 11, 2008

TR on the DL

Feeling a little like Joe Torre deciding not to let his superstar play injured, I left TR hanging in the garage and took the Cranberry Cruiser out for a spin in the sunshine today. The worn cassette is causing too much slipping and I keep finding myself debating about accelerating and that is no way to ride either for me, or TR. Colorado Cyclist has free shipping so I point and clicked, and a replacement is on the way.

Like an old friend the steel ride was welcome and familiar. Sure it flexed some when I climbed, or got out of the saddle, but it was so sweet on the rough pave’. The classic lines and tasteful paintjob are so trad I felt like an oatmeal eating, wool wearing downtube shifting curmudgeon.

I snapped a picture postcard of CC down by the water where I paused for some brake adjustment. She smiled and looked ready to go just leaning against the curb. 1,150 miles so far in 2008.

It sure felt good to have some sun on my back here in the northwest.

I put another candle on the birthday cake this week. It didn’t move my racing classification or have a “0” as the second digit, so no biggie. It was good to eat cake.


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