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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring, where art thou ? or Global warming my ass !

Snow. We have snow on the ground here in Seattle. Last Saturday it was 80 degrees and this Saturday there is snow. It started Friday afternoon but didn’t stick until later in the evening. Now I find myself snowbound and my new cassette is installed and ready to go, but I’m not about to muck it up by riding it in this crap.

I have decided not to attend the earth day celebrations and work toward a solution for global warming because I don’t believe global warming is real. I figure it this way; the earth at any given time is either warming or cooling as it has for the last four billion years. Our collective farts don’t seem to be making that much of an impact and I can find a short term trend in anything (and in the history of earth, recorded history is short term).

I will instead focus my efforts on something based more in fact like the witches and warlocks’ festival, or the 2008 horoscope convention where I can get down and get funky talking about astrological forecasting facts.

The shot is from my kitchen window.

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