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Monday, April 14, 2008

80 ! It was EIGHTY degrees here Saturday !!

Saturday was eighty degrees and I got a sunburned nose. Now it is back in the low to mid forties and it is back to wool. Some more rides on the Cranberry Cruiser and I can’t get over how much I still love that steel ride. When I switch back from CC to the TR I always marvel at the ride of steel and then when back on the TR I am stunned at how easy the Record shifts as compared to the Centuar grouppo. I had been able to get in so much time on the TR that when I got on the cruiser I noticed how deliberate the shifting was. I guess that is what the new Campagnolo Record Red feels like. If you look close at some recent photos you may note that The Wizard (Mr. L. Zinn) has Centuar on his bike recently and he isn’t complaining.

Speaking of wool….
If you check out the Rivendale bike site (type Rivbike in your search engine) these guys love wool and with good reason. Wool sox make up one of Davo’s TOP TEN cycling tips. I am sure that if you ride in Arizona in August, those coolmax socks may work okay, but I’d still go with wool. Anything else; WOOL is it for socks. If you ride Cyclocross and may find your foot submerged then add the sealskinz over some wool socks. Otherwise, it is wool all year long.

I slipped in a shot of the recovering Hottie. Her back is still far from good; but we got in some miles under blue skies this weekend. She has seen enough of me, so she is looking out at Puget Sound. Wouldn't you ?

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