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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

If you wear the shorts you are a cycling ambassador

The locker room at work is busy with fair weather commuters. Not only don’t I mind but I welcome everyone as increased critical mass should help the cause of bicycle commuters.

Before you mistakenly assume this is a post that is intended to give everyone who rides their bike a good feeling, read on.

On a recent drive home I witnessed two bone head moves by cyclists that violated several of my basic principles for riding bikes on the road.  These principles are in specific order: The laws of Physics always take priority, Obey the laws of the road and encourage others to do the same and finally, Be seen even at the expense of being offensive.

When it comes to bike vs. motor vehicles bikes always lose. Conduct yourself accordingly.  Follow the rules of the road and yield when you are supposed to.  Conversely don’t go when you don’t have the right of way.  Even when the old lady or polite hipster stops despite having the right of way and waves for you to ignore the stop sign.  Make them follow the law. 

Finally; flashing lights 24/7.  Make it a habit.  Better to offend some and be seen by all.

I won’t recount the bonehead moves I saw because we all see them.  

Don’t contribute to the problem.

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