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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gabba Jersey Jacket Review

It is a compliment to say a product is the leader in a given category; it is another to say a product is so amazing it created a new category.  The Gabba jersey is such a product.

The simple physics of cold rain falling on a warm person means the tagline of “waterproof and breathable” is impossible.  It doesn’t really matter if the liquid on the inside of a waterproof layer is condensation or perspiration. Although it has been said the only thing that is warm when it is wet is a hot tub; the real enemy when it is raining is getting cold.

I’m not advocating that we should all wear a plastic jacket but I do think we should have more realistic targets. Some garments do a much better job than others and we all want the better stuff don’t we?

Enter the Gabba.

We can all add and shed layers but carrying lots of clothing that you aren’t wearing adds weight, takes time to add or shed layers and consumes valuable pocket space.  There is a great satisfaction in finishing a long ride without having to make clothing changes.

In the Northwest there are a lot of training rides with unpredictable or changing changing weather as well as some just plain crappy conditions. The Gabba can either be an insurance policy or a savior.  If it stays dry the Gabba is just a jersey with superior wind protection and average breathability. 
 Gabbas Gabbas Everywhere.....
When the rain starts the Gabba excels.  At first the rain bounces off and then it spreads out but doesn’t soak you.  In a normal jersey you stay warm for a little bit then you get cold and on a downhill you freeze and find yourself in a race with hypothermia. In the Gabba you will eventually get wet but the jersey retains heat and on that downhill you don’t get cold. This is amazing.

If the rain lets up the jersey dries quickly and with torso vents you can regulate your temperature with ease. Underneath you can wear a short or long sleeve base layer (or both).  Over the Gabba you can layer a vest or even a rain jacket if you expect a biblical rain for a portion of your ride.  

The fit is flattering but you had better size up at least one size. The torso vents are placed well and do their job of venting when needed.  The cut works well in the riding position.  One could call is a jacket but that elicits images of flapping sleeves and noisy movement and plastic coatings.  It acts like a long sleeve jersey until it is time to act like a wind or rain jacket. 

I think that sums it up.  You check two boxes with one garment. 
There isn’t any reason not to have one of these.
Five of five Evos.

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