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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Garmin Confession

Ever since the latest iPhone operating system update from Apple my Garmin 520 has required excessive manipulation to connect.  Through trial and error I have managed to make it work. With that said, if you asked Garmin what makes the 520 better than the 500, connectivity would be among the first words you would hear.  Kind of like buying a sports car but being told to enjoy it, just don’t drive it fast.

Garmin has traditionally been decent on their customer service.  I emailed them and got a series of replies that did nothing to resolve the problem.  This back and forth took a couple weeks during which my frustration ebbed and flowed.

Finally I replied to the latest email from Garmin and told them, “Fix your glitch.” To my surprise I received a communication wherein Garmin finally said they are working diligently with Apple to resolve the problem.  Thanks.  As Edward Abbey said, “Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”  

Sometimes you have to admit you don’t have the solution yet.  Truth is always preferred to the alternatives.   

Thank you Garmin.  

Now go get it fixed…………..

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