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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Coffee and Kilometers

The Farley sunning itself on an "expired" ski trail...
My goal is to hit 120 blog entries in 2016. That means ten per month. I fell off the pace in March and I am chasing back through the team cars and hope to be back in the Peloton shortly.  Look for reviews and my usual drivel in the coming days.  In the meantime here is what is going on.
I passed 2,000 kilometers in March with little more than a quick hand wave.  I, like my Dolomite journey cohorts, am in full on high mileage mode.  Hottie either is still in love with me or has resigned herself to tolerate my long rides in preparation for the Dolomite trip. Though I hope it is the former, either way I am committed.

With the days to go ticking down at an alarming rate not only can’t I let up, but I need to build on the base I have built. In the next two months I need to ride as many kilometers as I did in the first three months of 2016. 

My training has progressed to the point that this past weekend I did a four and a half hour ride and felt like it was way too short.  Maybe not a waste of time, but I felt like I had fallen short.

The cautions from Horst have had the desired effect. In addition to stepping up my training I’ve put a cassette on my bike and the largest cog looks as big as a disc rotor.  I’m trying to ride like bull and eat like bird.  I’m walking right past the cookies at work and trying to skip or shrink desserts. The kilos are falling off but I am making progress.

Between now and the middle of June I have a busy calendar that dictates both my social and training schedule. 

One final coincidence is that as I was training for the Alps trip in way back in 2012 we were remodeling the southern side of our upstairs and there were many weekends where I rode in the morning and was pounding nails in the afternoon.  This time we (Hottie and I) are putting in new tile and painting the inside of our cabin and I find myself riding before and after a long ride. 
Impressive for amateurs eh?

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