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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fifty shades of the grey market

As some of you may know I have several friends in the medical profession.  In casual conversation a few months back we touched on the grey market of organ harvesting. It was quite the discussion with lots of viewpoints.    

As you know it is perfectly acceptable to donate an organ to a relative.  If you cross the compatibility threshold you can donate to a friend and everyone cheers you on.  But donate to someone who is willing to pay for an organ and suddenly everyone gets excited about the loss of your organ. 

The war wagon has been on its last legs and the conversation on organ harvesting got me curious.  A few discrete phone calls to one of my medical friends and I was undergoing all expense paid blood tests. 

My blood type is nothing special but when they found a match that person was pretty excited about my left kidney.  In the business world they call a person with that level of excitement "motivated."   His need was more urgent than my need for money so I was able to be slightly coy and we ended up finding an arrangement that was mutually beneficial. 

I was able to get some time off of work and the surgery went well.  There was a bonus if my kidney and the recipient "hit it off."

The final payment was received yesterday and our days in the war wagon are numbered.  

I test drove a car the other day and the salesman tried to highlight the lumbar support but it pushed against the incision and I let out an F-bomb.  He was trying to make a sale so he let it pass but I still feel bad about it.  

Where there is a will there is a way.   The only issue is no coffee for a while..........

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