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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Black and White

The snow is melting in the Methow. Under cloudy skies everything looks black or white; the sky takes care of all the shades in between. My task is to get in some saddle time. 28mm wide Sectours look as thin as razor blades after a winter of fat biking.

Skiers have had a long season. Locals can wait a couple days and savor some excellent conditions. On this less than ideal day the roads and snow trails are almost deserted. I ride the secondary roads until the pave is overtaken with snow and I wisely turn around. The I head up NF 37 retracing a portion of the Winthrop Fondo.

Speaking of Fondos...... The Gravel Fondo season gets underway next weekend. Right now the forecast is for warm and dry. Of course we shall see but it affords at least a few days hope that the biblical misery of last year won't be repeated.

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