Doing it all the hard way...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

People will come, Ray. People will come.

Fritz on the left, Olaf on the right
Sophie and Hottie
Hottie and Sophie just chillin'
Yes, ours is a self-service hill....
Sometimes we do get a little help..
Future bobsled talent ?
The horse on the right is a Belgian.  Isn't that the coolest ?  
Sleigh Ride..

17 degrees and windy but we didn't mind (too much)..
Hottie looking comfy in the warming hut..
 Olaf and Fritz again..

This past weekend Hottie and I took our granddaughter to notre Cabane dons la foret.  We did some shoveling around the cabin and then some sledding and snowdude building.  We capped our day off with a sleigh ride which was a first for all of us.
A natural !!

On sunday we went skiing.  This was a first for Sophie.  Early on she fell and in a dejected tone said, "This is hard!"  My first instinct was to say, "No it isn't," but I held my tongue.  Then I knew what to say. "Yes, it is hard. ALL the coolest things are hard.  But you are doing great at this hard thing, keep it up."  

Oddly enough after bringing home an exhausted granddaughter to her mama she said that her favorite thing was skiing because she was so good at it.  Well go figure.  

People will come Ray, people will come.

Of course we could just keep it all to ourselves.  But that would just be dick.  Imagine trying to explain to Jesus why you didn't share your abundance with your grandchildren....Awkward !!

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