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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Giro Pivot Glove Review

Yep. This is what they look like...

The Giro Pivot Gel Gloves have become my “Go to” winter gloves.  Just like bad decisions make for great stories because you encounter more than you were prepared for, the true test of any multi season product is how well it performs across and variety of conditions.  Winter is when you get big temperature swings on longer rides. You can start out dry and finish your suffering in a deluge. With jersey pocket space at a premium you don’t want to be bringing multiple sets of gloves.  It takes longer to form an opinion on winter gloves because you need to see how they perform in a plethora of conditions.

In the rain I smiled as I watched the water bead up and run off as the shell material kept the water out.  On fast training rides where I was sweating a lot the gloves didn’t get cold or clammy.   I found myself comfortable in these from 25 to 35 degrees with a thin liner and without a liner they felt great from about 35 to 55 degrees. 

The palms are super grippy and the little bit of gel padding at the base of the wrist is all you need in a winter glove.  The all black color scheme makes them acceptable for non cycling use as well. The cuff and gauntlet combination seemed odd at first but I never had an issue with drafts or with water going where I didn’t want it.

These have stayed near the front of the drawer because they work well in such a wide range of conditions. If you have ten pairs of gloves you probably don’t need to add these.  If you are looking for a glove that covers a wide spectrum of circumstances, you had better consider these.

Five of five Evos !!

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