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Saturday, January 4, 2014

One four one four Sunny January Ride

1/4/14  = one four one four       Get it ?
Oh yeah, This is January baby !!
I should catch up my loyal fan on what is new in Evodom.  Hottie got Pneumonia and I get pretty sick as well.  That killed not only my planned Solstice folly but my goal of 10,000k also went down the proverbial commode as well.  We spent Chismus coughing and taking turns making tea.  I hadn't been that sick in over a decade and it was epic for Hottie as well.  

I did end up with over 9,500k which is a new high.  I don't expect I'll beat that but since I do keep track it is worth noting. 

I'm still coughing and am far from 100% but on a side note, my knee is making great progress.  When the doc said eight weeks to heal, he didn't make up that number.  It is feeling solid, just a tad tender now and then.  

With dry weather I decided to take an easy loop around Lake Washington on Saturday morning. I dropped down Perkins way and spotted some God rays and whipped out my Canon and snapped this:
Yeah, it looked like this.
The ride was fine and as long as I didn't breathe deep, I was okay.  I got an early start so I beat most of the traffic and was glad to sneak one in without having to deal with rain.

So far, twenty fourteen is just fine with me.

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