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Monday, December 16, 2013

Coffee and Lies and Ribs # 50

Even with a race later that day; El Jefe took some time for bicep curls.
This week saw Evo out of sync with his teammates.  I went for a long slowish ride Saturday morning while my racing brethren were resting up for the season finale on Sunday.  On Sunday whilst the band of brown brothers (and sisters) were suffering, I was ringing the cowbell and urging them on to glory.

My alarm went off before six and I left Casa de Evo in the dark. The forecast promised a dry ride and I dressed accordingly. I didn’t get a drop of rain from the sky, but my tires didn’t roll an inch on dry pavement as it had rained overnight.
It was dark enough that my headlight illuminated the yield sign up yonder. 
Leaving my house requires a climb and it served to warm me up.  Soon I was down and riding along Lake Washington and everything was working.  The plan was for 130-140k and I had pockets loaded with food for the journey.

I made it through Seattle and then past the airport in Renton. Once onto the Cedar River Trail I just spun my legs and watched the k’s roll by.  My route was deliberate as I wanted to check the hours for some of the stores that were on the route of the Winter Solstice 200K.
 As the sun brought some light to the sky I was rolling down the Burke-Gillman trail
After crossing Madison I got a great view before dropping back down to the lake
To make a long story shorter, not much will be open when we need it.  Oh well, plan accordingly.
OMG, I'm taking photos of road signs.  It's like I'm a Randonut !
 I didn't waste a lot of time contemplating taking a swim
The return journey covered some roads I had been on before and it was good to connect the dots so to speak and add this part of the world to my route index.   Soon I was over a hundred k and then just short of 130 I turned off the trail and headed home up over Perkins way.  138k on the day !
Maybe it says something about me, but I think my bike is in its glory when it is spattered with mud and organic matter.  I'm guessing Doug Curtiss of Curtlo bikes would agree !

Once home I showered and felt pretty good aside from some quad soreness which can’t really be a surprise.

The next day Hottie elected to rest up and watch our Seahawks dominate the New York Giants whilst I picked up Feral Dave and made the journey to Enumclaw for a day of racing.
 Guy partook of the glorious mud that is Enumclaw 
We arrived early enough to stake out a place and it was then that El Chefe’ and I were able to spring our surprise on everyone.  We had a team BBQ. Ribs, Hot links, BBQ beans, Cole Slaw, Cornbread with honey butter and hot apple cider. It was a good day to be on our team.
El Jefe inspecting the Ribs !
Oh yes, there was excellent food and excellent course proximity 
In the first race Feral Dave broke a derailleur hanger as he was literally taking over the lead.  Talk about bad luck !
Busted !
He was soon sitting in the tent watching El Chefe’ and Guy do the brown proud.  Unfazed, and this is something I really admire about Feral Dave, he borrowed a bike that didn’t fit him and entered the next race, the open cat 4’s and had a good race!!
Warming up to the aroma of hot links !!
El Jefe, Le Pirate, Seabiscuit and Mr. T joined Hot Pants and Coats and Daggers in a later race and had a blast. Faith and Lily represented La Femme de Marron in style. Finally Brad gave a beat down to the fast guys in the final race of the day. 
 He comes from Louisiana okay ?

We offered some hot link and rib hand ups and only a few wise (or crazy) racers dared partake.  

We were joined by Terry who, being a fan of the Rapha, can only be photographed in black and white.

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