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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Coffee and Lies #51 Biscuits and Gravy and FAT

While on our gentlemen's ride Sunday morning someone drove past and flipped us off.  You just can't make obscene gestures at Santa and not expect it to have major karma implications…

After illness voided my planned winter solstice ride, I opted for a very mellow ride with the team Sunday morning.  We actually rode the way we tell people we ride on these Sunday rides; mellow and as a group..
Despite the distraction of biscuits and gravy on the horizon, 
El Jefe checks on his beloved Packers. 
After the ride Hottie and I packed clothes and Tux supplies for a short get away.
Hottie and Hot Dog !
Lucky for us we didn't need the extended summer hours to enjoy our time on the lake.
Maybe we can't walk on water, but we can ride on it if it is frozen and the tires are wide enough.  This was so much fun.  It should be illegal.  We rented them from Winthrop Cycle and Sport.  Those guys are awesome.  Thanks Joe, Julie, Chris and Dave.  I loved the SRAM shifting.  Hottie, not as much.  She prefers her XT shifting.  

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