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Friday, June 14, 2013

Jesus update

Quite a while back I had mistakenly thought Jesus was running for office.  I promised to update my readers if I had any more religious encounters. Here you go... 

We watched the Crit races last night.  One guy crashed and was bloody.  He was saying things that didn't make sense so they called the paramedics.  His bike was likewise seriously damaged.  A couple minutes before the paramedics arrived I noticed a man walk up and see if the could help.  Then I did a double take when I realized the man who had walked up appeared to be Jesus.  His hair was a little shorter than expected, but with no singlespeed category at the races I could not come to any other conclusion.

Anybody need some Jesus?
I have no idea of the religious persuasion of the injured cyclist, but from my vantage point, not only the injured cyclist but his girlfriend also seemed to ignore Jesus.  Soon the paramedics arrived and they too wanted nothing to do with this Jesus fellow.  

Not wanting to get in the way he stood patiently off to the side waiting for someone to reach out to him. Nobody did.  

After putting the fallen cyclist onto a Tour de France colored sled and strapping him down so if they tickled him he couldn't move, they took the cyclist off in a big red fire truck.
No upgrade for this guy today...
After the cyclist was gone I noticed Jesus quietly looking at the bike with the busted front wheel.  I thought for a moment he might heal the wheel, but alas, someone grabbed the bike and carried it off before he could take any action.

I wish everyone in this story well.  I hope the cyclist is back at work today and I hope Jesus has likewise been able to use his talents.

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mobygrape said...

seward park thursdays seems to bring out the kooks. A few years ago there was a fellow in a purple leotard and hot pink tights cheering on the racers.

Hope all is well with the crashee.