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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coffee and Lies #26 It's been a year since France....

McWoodie and poppies in France
I've been riding quite a bit of late.  I had 1,360k for June and I'm at 5,400k for 2013.  That is 850 miles in June and 3,300 miles YTD for the metrically impaired. On our Saturday hilly ride yesterday either everyone else was slow or I was unusually fast.  I've never been the first up Cougar. As a matter of fact, I am often the last one.  I was first up yesterday.  Then we went down and did it again up the Montrose side and by the time we made it to the towers only El Jefe was there before me.  McWoodie, Brad and Dave E. weren't riding, but I'm counting it as a victory.  The legs were a little sluggish today when we everybody went fast today.  

I'm going for the Greg LeMond look of dark brown elbow and forearm and lime white shoulders.  I'll post some pics soon.

We have mini trip planned for mid July and you can stay tuned for that. We don't have to learn a different language and KLM can't screw me.  We will be riding up Rainer, St. Helens, Mt Hood and St. Helens again over the course of five days. 

The unusually hot weather has highlighted the contrast of the biking seasons. In January we do our weekly Coffee and Lies ride and sometimes don't see another bike the whole morning. Today we saw hundreds and hundreds of cyclists.  We were even yelled at for taking too much of the trail.  I realize we don't have any legit claim to the trail, or a right to have privileged access, but riding on it 52 a weeks a year do we cannot deny some kind of emotional ownership.  Like good brown soldiers we kept our mouths shut and let our legs do the talking. 

The bike clothing laundry loads are small and it doesn't take long to get dressed when you don't have to deal with booties, leg warmers, rain jackets, glove layering and wool sock selection.  I'm liking this summer.

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