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Monday, February 18, 2013

Coffee and Lies #8

Hottie and Evo sharing a dry winter ride !!
After commuting to and from on Thursday and spinning on Friday I went with Seabiscuit for an 85k ride on Saturday.  We left early and were dressed for rain. We went pretty hard and it stayed dry.  When we were on our homeward stretch John commented that the ride was plenty for him, "if not a little too strenuous." I asked him to repeat it because I considered it such high praise from the unflappable warhorse that is Seabiscuit.

With tired legs Evo headed out for the Sunday rendezvous with the team.  The peloton was small and Evo was feeling the four rides over the previous three days.  When Moonlight met us on Mercer I knew McWoodie had his riding companion and I could drift back without shame.

We regrouped on the way back and it stayed pretty social. I threw in a short sprint on an uphill near the end just to mix things up.
Our numbers were down to three when it came time for coffee.  We talked of past rides and longed for the days when we could discuss fingerless gloves instead of favorite shoe covers and the preferred liner gloves.  We did agree forty three degrees is a ton better than thirty three degrees.  We are seeing the days getting longer and the cold isn't as painful as it was a short time ago.  We know winter will yield to spring, but we all want it now.  The seasons teach us patience and about the time one learns the lesson the weather changes and the cycle starts anew.

I need some intervals and intensity but I am getting in the k's.  Hottie poked her head in the garage about two thirty and asked if I wanted to go with her for a short ride.  In a few minutes tires were pumped and we were out enjoying a Sunday afternoon ride together.  In four days I had commuted in the dark and the light, suffered through spin class and ridden long with a friend and longish with my team.  My favorite ride is with my Hottie and it was a nice way to end a weekend.

I'm still looking forward to warmer weather.

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