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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A stripe of light to the east

I've got my suitcase. Do you have yours?
Tuesday morning was supposed to be wet. I looked outside and the temp was in the thirties but the ground was dry.  I made coffee and put on what my mother refers to as my "costume" in preparation for the ride. She still refers to my team rides as a "practice." God love her.....

Hottie was off the the gym and I rolled out quietly under dark skies.  As my eyes adjusted the wind was whistling past my partially covered ears.  As my legs warmed up my breathing settled into a familiar rhythm and I was enjoying the ride.

A cloudy sky hid the stars I knew were above my head.  After rounding a corner I saw the cloud cover ended dozens of miles to the east. Beyond the clouds twilight was reaching earlier in the morning that it had for some months.

This is usually a time of year when I smile as I note the sun is setting later.  This year my realization came in the morning end of the equation.

The rest of the ride I kept looking east.  The sliver of light never flashed orange or red, it remained a pale grey.  Riding to work I get to see many beautiful sunrises.  This grey sunrise wasn't the prettiest, but it still generated a big smile on Evo's face.  Winter is getting old.  Change is coming....

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