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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meteor shower ?

You shouldn't leave your observatory open as you might let the stars in, and they make a mess of the carpet

Riding in the dark is always surreal. Those first few minutes when my face is feeling the chill as my eyes adjust to riding in the beam of light from my helmet. Based on the promise of a dry day, I was wearing my warm team jacket in place of a rain jacket. The prospect of a chilly but dry ride had me smiling. I reached down and pulled out my coffee thermos, twisted the cap and took a sip. I am lucky to be able to ride in to work this day.

In front of my face there suddenly appeared something like shooting stars. I later can only guess it was snow or hail. It streaked downward at intervals too infrequent to be raindrops. It continued for the first few miles and then disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.

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