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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Business trip to Queretaro, Mexico. The reason for the specific destination is a long story that isn't all that interesting, so just enjoy the photos and my sarcastic remarks...
Me, the plane, and ground support equipment. For those of us in the industry, we call that stuff "GSE." Yep, engineers are a creative bunch.
Rainier was looking sweet. I wanted to ask the pilot to circle around so the light would be better, but I figured he would decline my request.
The sun went down before I made it to Queretaro
This was the view from my Hotel room looking southwest
This was the view....... well, you can figure it out.
I am glad they Esterilizado'd the throne in anticipation of my arrival.
The view with sunshine
The courtyard where our conference was
An Aquaduct that is way old. The taxi driver spoke more English than I spoke Spanish, but that was all I could get from him about this. Google it if you care..
Just moments after I was lamenting that there wasn't a word of English anywhere I finally saw an English word I recognized, "Corona." I felt right at home...
This was a zoo we passed at seventy miles an hour..

This was my final dinner in Mexico. Hottie asked if it was Mexican food. It was food, and it was in Mexico, so I guess by default it must have been Mexican food. It tasted wonderful.

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